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If you are like most people in the field of education, one resource that is always in short supply is timeBuilding Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors and Classroom Aides covers all of the information needed to effectively train peer tutors, cross-age tutors, classroom aides and paraprofessionals. The preparation has been done for you so that you have everything you need. 

The topics included in the peer tutoring and classroom aide training workbook are research based and can be viewed in the Table of Contents shown below. 

Also, please feel free to share, download, photocopy and use the Tutor & Aide Commitment Form provided here as a free resource. 
Table of Contents
Tutor & Aide Commitment Form
Would you like to learn more about the benefits of peer and cross-age tutoring programs and obtain information about setting up a peer tutoring or instructional aide program at your school? Read about the essential topics that should be included in peer tutor and aide training and the components of a successful peer tutoring program.

Would you like to know what others think about the tutoring and paraprofessional curriculum? Check out some customer feedback and reviews of the training workbook.
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