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Peer Tutor & Classroom Aide Ideas, Tips, and Strategies
There are so many ways that peer tutors and classroom aides can support instruction. 
Here are just a few of the vital tasks that they perform:

• Answer individual student questions
• Listen to students read
• Lead games or activities that reinforce skills
• Assist students in utilizing a planner, homework assignment notebook, work plan or other
  system for recording due dates, upcoming assignments and tests 
• Assist students in creating study guides and index cards
• Quiz students on important information for upcoming tests
• Assist students in proof reading their work or performing test corrections
• Check student homework 
• Read to students
• Monitor group work
• Accompany students to different locations around campus 
• Assist the teacher in documenting progress, preparing materials and grading assignments

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Do you have experience utilizing peer tutors, student mentors or classroom aides? Have you been using Building Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors and Instructional Aides? If so, please consider submitting your comments below so that they can be shared with others visiting this site. Your privacy is important. No personal or identifying information will ever be posted or shared without your consent. 

Read customer reviews and feedback.

From a High School Lead Teacher in California:
"As teachers, we often instinctively know what we want to have happen when one students tutors another, but we may not know how to train tutors properly so that students are a true asset for their peers. Building Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors and Classroom Aides brings together multiple elements about being an effective tutor and packages it in a way that provides a very strong foundation. Besides the training workbook, Dana has also provided excellent professional development in-services for us." (RG)

From a Service Coordinator for a Non-profit organization in Florida:
"I received the manual and was especially excited to read over the section about your background and understanding student differences, as our afterschool program is for teens with disabilities. This year we plan to have student mentors/tutors paired with students with disabilities and your training manual is just what we needed. I also appreciate the assessment tools and activities in the back of the workbook which will help us with supervising our student mentors/tutors." (YS)

From a High School teacher in New York:
"I have used the program on a limited basis as we are just piloting our Tutoring program this year with the hopes of having it up and running completely next Fall. It is a great program! I love how it gives examples of how tutors/mentors can deal with issues that might arise while working with students and I love how it gives them ideas for working with different areas of difficulty." (KS)

From a college professor in British Columbia, Canada:
"I have thoroughly reviewed the PDF and would be happy to provide my endorsement of your work. In terms of content, the specific math and reading tutoring strategies will be of great help to the participants in my program. It is a very good resource--my compliments!" (GV)

From an Elementary School Counselor in Nevada:
"I got it (the digital PDF file) and it worked! It's just what I wanted and needed! This will be a great help. Thanks again! You have been so incredibly helpful!!!" (JS)

From a Director of Special Education in California:
"It was a pleasure talking to you. We look forward to using your training resource with our paraeducators." (JK)

From the Director of a Community Agency After School Program in Wyoming:
"Good precise info & exercises all in one place that our staff can put in their binders & refer to. No need to train in a piecemeal fashion as your workbook is very complete. Thanks again!" (LS)

From a District Program Specialist in California:
"Our paraprofessional in-service day went great! Your workbook was such an excellent resource! We gave each aide a copy and walked through some of the activities and exercises. It was so helpful and beneficial. The aides loved having the workbook to take with them so that they could refer back to it in the future. Thank you so much." (JK)

From a High School Librarian and National Honor Society Coordinator in Maine:
"Thanks so much for your attention. The material looks great. I'm the NHS co-advisor and we want to set up a tutoring program using the NHS students. Your workbook will be so helpful as we train them. Also, the PDF file opened just fine both at home and on my work computer." (MM).
Customer Feedback and Reviews of the Tutor & Instructional Aide Training Curriculum
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