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Quality Training is Essential to Success
research-based paraprofessional training
Tutors and classroom instructional aides/paraprofessionals provide critical learning support to students and assist teachers in delivering quality instruction. They are valued members of the educational team; yet often, they are expected to perform their duties with very little training. The research, however, has clearly identified that explicit training is essential in order for tutors and classroom aides to serve students effectively. 

Building Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors and Instructional Aides is a 47-page, research-based workbook designed to teach individuals to serve as effective peer tutors and classroom aides. The topics contained in this curriculum have been carefully selected to address the key elements identified by research as being critical to quality tutor and paraprofessional instruction. These essential topics include utilizing effective strategies to deliver direct instruction, providing positive reinforcement and appropriate feedback, developing supportive relationships with students and maintaining professionalism.

This workbook is practical, easy to use and delivers information in a user-friendly manner.
Study questions are provided at the end of each section to review content and encourage reflection. The peer tutoring and instructional aide training workbook also contains an assessment/skills inventory tool, goal development sheets and suggested group activities to assist peer tutors and school paraprofessionals in improving their skills. This material is appropriate for secondary students and adults. 
peer tutoring tips and strategies
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provide instruction to paraprofessionals and instructional aides
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Using the workbook, tutors and instructional aides will learn to:

  • Create and maintain positive rapport based upon respect
  • Improve reading, writing and math skills
  • Work effectively with students of varying abilities 
  • Keep students focused and attentive
  • Ask questions that stimulate creative thinking, problem solving and deeper learning as outlined in common core
  • Motivate, encourage and support students 
  • Provide students with clear and appropriate feedback
  • Incorporate direct teaching of study skills into sessions
  • Interact in a positive manner with students from diverse backgrounds including those who are second language learners and those with disabilities or special needs
  • Maintain appropriate boundaries and confidentiality
  • Adhere to a tutor/instructional aide code of ethics
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