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Workbooks cost $19.99 each and arrive spiral-bound and ready to use. You will need to purchase a copy for each participant in your program. This material is copyright protected and may not be reproduced; however, 25% and 35% quantity discounts are offered when you order 10 or more. 

Please click on the option below that applies to you based upon the number of workbooks you plan to order to make a secure purchase using PayPal. There is a minimum order of two workbooks.  Why?
Save with the new, digital PDF options and receive the workbook by e-mail within 24 hours of completing your purchase. 

For $79, you receive authorization to make as many copies as you need for program participants at your specific school for educational purposes. It can be used year after year at a single site. 

For $199, you receive an agency or District license authorizing you to copy and distribute the material to program participants at all of your locations for one, affordable price. 
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$19.99 or less + Shipping
$79.99 for single site use
$199 for use at multiple locations
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$19.99 each for fewer than 10 workbooks​
$15.00 each for 10-29 workbooks
$13 each for 30 or more workbooks
Paypal is the preferred method of payment as it provides the ability to use a credit or debit card securely and quickly. Your transaction can be processed immediately and you receive your order right away. You may check out as a guest if you do not have a Paypal account and you are not charged any fees.

Purchase orders are accepted for orders of the digital PDF file and for orders of 5 or more workbooks. Please e-mail to request P.O. information. Learn about shipping costs and approximate shipping times on the FAQs page. 7.5% sales tax will be added to CA orders.
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