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Spiral-Bound, Color Workbook
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Building Student Success: A Training Workbook for Tutors and Instructional Aides  is available to purchase as an 8.5 x 10 spiral-bound, color workbook. It contains forms, questions, and other activities to be completed in writing by the individuals being trained and is copyright protected; therefore, you will need to purchase a workbook for each tutor or instructional aide in your program.
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If you prefer, you can purchase the digital PDF file of the workbook allowing you to print and distribute copies to the tutors or aides at your school, agency or organization. You may bind the pages or contain them in 3-ring binders to provide workbook copies to the participants in your program year after year.
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Digital PDF File
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Attention International Website visitors: I have received many orders from countries outside of the United States including Canada, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. As a result, I am now pleased to be able to offer the PDF version of the workbook using non-American, British/UK spelling. If I see that you have placed an order from outside of the United States, I will check with you to see which spelling variation of English is most appropriate for your program participants.